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Waterfront Properties For Sale in Maine

Maine is a beautiful area to live and primarily because of all the wonderful waterfront properties that are available within the real estate sector. Maine is home to very unique coastal properties as well as lakefront properties that are perfect for a wide variety of individuals that appreciate nature and splendor. These waterfront properties in Maine offer a high level of distinction from the rest of the properties in the area and there are many different types of waterfront properties in Maine that range from inexpensive to extremely lavish. Some waterfront properties in Maine include properties in Mooselookmeguntic Lake which are very reasonably priced, waterfront vacation rentals, properties that sit next to a river or stream, luxurious waterfront estates that are large and hold amazing amenities, coastal properties, island properties, properties that are close to a pond and much, much more. A wonderful aspect about waterfront properties in Maine is the fact that not only is there water in its wonderful sparkling beauty, but also pine trees that shade and offer an extra added benefit of being among nature’s bounty. The peaceful serenity that one will be able to have living in a waterfront property in Maine is unparallel and fantastic. Choose from homes as well as condos within the abundance of waterfront property offered in Maine. Some of the waterfront developments are brand new and some offered hold a significant historical value. There is a perfect waterfront property in Maine for whatever you choose, since there is so much to pick from. Many of the waterfront properties are located within a stone’s throw from the water and the air quality is significantly cleaner and fresher than in other areas of Maine farther from the water. Take a look at what gorgeous waterfront properties are available in Maine today! READ MORE

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Understanding the Earnest Money Deposit

What it is and why it’s good to include it as part of your real estate transaction.

Earnest money is specifically used to show that a buyer is serious about purchasing a property in regards to real estate transactions. Earnest money is paid by the buyer to the seller and shows a level of commitment and integrity towards the purchase and it is used as a down payment if and when the buyer goes through with the offer. If the buyer does not go through with the offer, then the earnest money is left to the owner and not returned to the buyer. Earnest money is vital to how real estate actions are perceived by buyers as well as sellers because they demand a certain level of seriousness in regards to purchasing the property to the seller. Many buyers can be interested in a property, but unless earnest money is exchanged by the buyer to the seller, a serious transaction cannot take place. Earnest money wins the appreciation from the seller to the buyer and instills that the property is practically in the buyers hands and earnest money gives the buyer first priority on a property sale. The reality is still that unless the property has been fully sold, it is still the property of the owner, but earnest money can give a buyer the reality that the property is close to being theirs. Earnest money is a great tool used in real estate transactions and can convince a seller to go with one buyer over another. If a buyer utilizes the earnest money tool, then they are giving top priority for the property, even if all the paperwork has yet to be signed. Earnest money is similar to a promise from the buyer that they will be purchasing the property. It is a good idea for sellers to instill earnest money into their real estate transactions because then they have much less of a threat of getting short-changed by a buyer who says one thing and then does the opposite. Earnest money gives a verbal promise a level of backing that works to benefit the entire real estate transaction. READ MORE

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Buying a Second Home or Vacation Home

These days, many home owners are choosing to purchase second homes. The second home that many people choose to purchase these days can be used for many different reasons, but primarily, the majority of people buy second homes to use as their vacation home. A second home is usually a reasonable distance from an individual’s primary home and it is a home that they live in a few months or even a few weeks out of the year. But, in order to be classified as a second home, the home that is purchased cannot be rented out or used as a timeshare. The second home that many people purchase is usually a one-unit property and could be similar to a cottage or bungalow. A second home is actually a great alternative for individuals and families that love to travel but are not interested in constantly getting hotels and other temporary places to stay. A second home affords people the ability to vacation consistently while having the comfort of staying in a place that they can call home. READ MORE

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How to Sell a Home in Maine

In this day and age, it is beneficial to know how to sell your home in the most efficient and effective way as possible. The reality is that selling any home involves persistence along with a few proven techniques. The first step in selling a home is preparing your home for the sell. Clean it up as pristine as possible and update any old or broken appliances. Make sure to patch up any holes in the walls and create the perfect framework and foundation for the best sell. If you have extra money, make sure to invest in modern lighting to showcase your home to the fullest and for an extra punch, add some plants and flowers around your home to add an inviting feel. You want everyone that walks into your home to feel very comfortable. The next step in selling your home is to get it evaluated and inspected. The evaluation is beneficial in order to price the home accordingly and the inspection is necessary to double check all appliances, plumbing and other vital factors of your home are in working order. After the home evaluation and home inspection has been completed, you will want to start marketing your home. You can start by placing a sign in front of your home and follow that up by advertisements in the local paper as well as in online venues. You want to market your home to the people that are interested in what you have to offer, so place signs up in local coffee shops and restaurants as well as post advertisements on any local online websites that you can. Once you get a few interested parties, you will need to show your home and this is a very important factor in selling your home. You will want to showcase it to the best of its ability and negotiate the final price accordingly. READ MORE

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Improving Curb Appeal

If you are looking for an easy way to improve the look and appearance of your home, then you might want to improve your curb appeal with a few tried and trusted techniques. The reality is that improving the curb appeal on your home will dramatically change the way that potential buyers view your home. One of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal on your home is to add detail to your driveway. The driveway to a home is the quickest way to add appeal. Simply add an edge to your driveway for the ultimate makeover. Use stones or bricks or even add a few lights to line the driveway all the way leading up to your home. This small detail makes a very big difference in the overall look and feel of your home. Another great way to improve the curb appeal on your home is to plant flowers in all open areas around your home. Flowers and plants add an immediate softer and more appealing look easily and quickly. Invest in flowers and plants that are colorful and dynamic for the best curb appeal. An alternative way to instantly add curb appeal that might be a little bit more of an investment, but definitely worth it is to replace your front door with an updated and modern door. The entrance to your home is the first impression of the feel that people will get when they walk up to your home and it is very important that the door to your home is both inviting and updated adding to a fantastic updated curb appeal. Lastly, an easy and inexpensive way to add instant curb appeal is to change up your mailbox. Invest in a new, updated mailbox that is both attractive and appealing. Overall, adding curb appeal can be both inexpensive and simple if you pay attention to the details and create an inviting sentiment right off the bat. READ MORE

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Congress Extends Mortgage Debt Relief Act!

On January 1, 2013, as part of the so-called fiscal cliff negotiations, Congress passed an extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act. This extension of this act, which has saved homeowners more than $1 billion dollars in taxes, is great news for struggling homeowners nationwide, and for the agents that represent them. READ MORE

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