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The Top Renovations to Make Before You Sell Your House in Maine

If you’re about to put your home on the market, or even if you just want to keep the future resale value of your home in mind as you renovate, it’s important to know which renovations are recommended. More specifically, what renovations will add value to your Maine house? Here are some of the best changes you can make to your home if you want to increase its value. READ MORE

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Opening a Credit Card

Credit cards have a lot of benefits, especially if you’re about to move to a new house in Southern Maine. After all, if you plan to rent an apartment or house and don’t have much of a credit history, using a credit card responsibly can help you build it up. The same goes if you want to eventually buy a house in Southern Maine. And of course, once you move, you’ll probably want to buy furniture for your new house, in which case a credit card could come in handy. But it’s important to make sure you open the right card, and these tips can help. READ MORE

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